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Ayala Schlesinger, MSc Organisational and Social Psychology


I come originally from Israel, in which I was privileged enough to gain some experience in all three main sectors: I was an officer in the IDF, a Microsoft employee and also worked for a few NGO's. I studied Organisational and Social Psychology at the LSE and leveraged my own professional experiences in order to study a topic I was passionate about- Social oriented meaning in the private sector.


In search for Greater good in the private sector: A quantitative analysis of social-oriented meaning in the private sector.

Supervisor: Kate Laffan

My dissertation aims to examine the presence and influence of greater good motivation on employees from the private sector. Greater good motivation (GG) is one of the components of meaning at work. In general, this type of meaning is known for its positive influence on the sense of purpose and worthwhileness in life. However, when it comes to meaning at work, especially in the private sector, things may be different. The relation of GG to other sectors (public, third) is commonly inherent as part of their core values, but its presence and implications in the private sector are still puzzling. Hence, this research had three goals within the private sector: to examine the ability of GG meaning to positively influence life and work-related variables, to test its unique contribution to the overall sense of meaning at work, and to suggest its ability to mediate the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) to general sense of meaning at work. This research used an online survey of employees working in global private sector organisations (N = 123) for data collection. Hierarchical regression analysis showed that GG meaning is mostly related to work engagement and overall feeling of worthwhileness. Multiple regression analysis showed that GG meaning is the second-largest contributor to the overall sense of meaning at work, and a multiple-mediation model showed that GG meaning mediates the relationship between CSR and the overall sense of meaning at work. These findings shed new light on the importance, implications and advantages of promoting GG activities within the private sector for its employees, for the organisation and for society.

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